Lost Your Curl Pattern? 2

Lost Your Curl Pattern?

My curls are starting to appear and feel like themselves again. Up until very recently, I am in a strange space with my curls. Like, a really weird space. The type of space that makes you start weighing the pros and cons to be a “straight natural”. The thing is that front section?

Hot mess. Definitely didn’t make the cut for the ‘gram. To be honest, it was irritating as hell. We all know our hair’s potential, so when the curls just will not be great, it gets annoying. Then, we result to hair and sides flips for the ‘gram – or in my case, half up/half down styles. By my publication, I used to be doing everything right.

Co-washing and clarifying. Deep dealing with with an equilibrium of moisture and protein. Handling gently, and sealing. Whichever could it possibly be? Turns out, the answer was a LOT simpler than I thought it would be. But before I get before myself to the “aha!” minute, let me walk you through the steps to take if you feel like your curls are in the same sail boat as mine were. Yes, there is any such thing as much of a very important thing too.

Because our hair tends to be on the drier aspect, we naturalistas have a tendency to go overboard with dampness. Six hour pre-poo sessions. Deep conditioning Overnight. Co-washing, conditioning, then deep conditioning (Personally, i never understood the necessity to dual condition, except for special treatments). Misting all day long with water.

Loading up on Magic Potion Hair Lotion no 5 every night. Hygral fatigue is something totally, and it leaves your hair looking limp, stringy, mushy, and gushy. Additionally, accumulation between wash days (layin’ that product on thick daily) can have an identical effect. Both result in hair that breaks easily, has lost its spring factor, and has difficulty securing to a method. The first rung on the ladder in remedying this matter is to attain for a clarifying hair shampoo.

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But – you gotta be cautious. Hair that is experiencing hygral exhaustion or weakening due to accumulation is very succeptible to breakage. Prior to clarifying, I would recommend pre-pooing and detangling with a light oil to avoid further mushiness while protecting your strands from blow drying (and exacerbating the situation). My top picks for clarifying curls are Be Kekoa Be Clair Sulfate-Free Clarifying Shampoo and Ouidad Superfruit Renewal Clarifying Cream Shampoo. Because we get so gung-ho for dampness, sometimes protein can be an afterthought.

But if you’ve got hair that has been color treated, or you want to rock the occasional blowout or flat iron, protein needs to be a part of your regimen. Harm to the cuticle of the hair – whether from heat or color – causes the structure of the strand to weaken by creating gaps along the hair shaft.

Because the cuticle is no longer compacted due to the damage, the curl starts to weaken, loosen, and thin out – especially at the ends of the hair. The Fix: Patch Those Cuticles Up! The amount of damage that hair has suffered will determine the measures that you take. If you are at the main point where you’re at the moment needs to notice loosening and thinning of your curls, investing in a good deep conditioner that contains strengthening proteins and complexes to restore elasticity should suffice – just don’t overdo it. My picks for the reason that area: Ouidad Melt Down Extreme Recovery Mask, or ApHogee Curlific Texture Treatment (the budget-friendly option).