LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Goodreads? 2

LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Goodreads?

Wait. How long have I been building that imaginary plywood stage called an author platform? A long, very long time! And guess what happens? I was worn because of it out. Yeah. It just tuckered this female out. You see, this is 782 post. I’ve been blogging since 2008. Facebook? LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Goodreads?

I’ve been writing full time for seven years, learning, getting critiques, critiquing, honing my skills, going to conferences, pitching to editors, studying the industry. A girl can learn a complete lot about writing and the publishing industry in seven years. But last fall I read Wendy Lawton’s fabulous post, “THE DIFFICULTY with Tribes” over at Books and Such Literary Blog, and I sensed something had a need to change. Wendy talks about the problem many authors have–their Tribe (and platform) contains peers instead of readers. Personally, I believe aspiring fiction authors are smart to connect with peers. These are the people who will raise your voice your news and recommend your books to friends.

Unpublished fiction writers have a tough time finding readers. After all, we don’t possess a book to market. But a lot of Wendy’s advice rang true. We have to continue departing our comfort zone to appeal to an audience. And that is exactly what I’ve struggled with when the original excitement of building a platform used off. I settled for comfortable because I had been too discouraged and tired to put myself out there.

I’ve been blessed. My platform has continuing to grow on every site without a great deal of work on my part. But I possibly could do a much better job of engaging readers. I’m pushing myself to make more of an attempt on my public mass media sites. Brainstorming ways to kick-start my system. Because I’m prolonged, and I believe in my own books. I love writing. Writing isn’t my hobby.

Getting released isn’t something that would be nice. It’s my big desire, and I’ve sacrificed a lot to make it work. I’m willing to sacrifice more. If learning to be a published author is important to you, you’ll pick up the hammer and nails and build your system, even though you’re worn out.

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Put small initiatives in every day. Don’t allow your platform languish. Freshen the appearance of your site once in awhile. And don’t depend on your platform to give you an edge with editors. It might, but it might not. When enough time involves market your books, you may need a web existence to do it. Think about building your system as buying your business. You are able to “save” now with your own system set up or “borrow” later by employing web designers, paying for blog tours, or hiring a publicist. You might want to do both. It’s good to have options.

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