Undergraduate Courses - Business & Law 2

Undergraduate Courses – Business & Law

When you study a business or regulation course at Curtin, you’ll apply class learning to real situations and real world conditions through our intensive industry networks. Exposure to real experts and projects can help you prepare for future employment and give you a great start to your career. CBS offers the Bachelor of Business and the Bachelor of Business Administration programs. The Bachelor of Business Administration is a broad-based level that can offer you a variety of opportunities for a lifetime career in business and management. You will graduate with a strong expertise generally management, with the added capability to specialise in areas such as small business and entrepreneurship, human reference and international management.

The Bachelor of Business gives you to choose from a variety of business specialisations to fit your specific passions and career goals. Within the Bachelor of Business degree you can choose to review one area of specialisation (an individual major) or two (a major combination). Either real way, your degree will take the same amount of time to complete and you’ll graduate with a Bachelor of Business degree within 3 years if you study in full-time mode.

In the ultimate semester of the Bachelor of Business, students must complete the Business Capstone device. This is a chance for final year business students to put their skills into practice by sending them into a simulated business world. The knowledge, skills and challenges provided by the Bachelor of Commerce degree shall prepare you for whatever career path you choose, in the world anywhere.

By studying a qualification in accounting, you’ll learn the data and skills needed to embark on a successful and rewarding career in neuro-scientific accounting. Accounting can be carried out as an individual major within the Bachelor of Business, or you can elect to review a double major. The solitary accounting major has the advantage of six electives, letting you explore a variety of interests and also to keep your choice of future careers open up. Offering the benefit of dual specialisation, a double major can broaden your job prospects and allow you to capitalise on industry styles. Our programs are informed by industry directly, keeping them relevant and up-to-date to the real world.

When you graduate with an accounting degree from Curtin University, you’ll be eligible to become listed on professional accounting industry systems in Australia, as well as enjoying an accepted certification internationally. A degree from the institution of Economics, Finance and Property is designed to provide you with the knowledge and practical expertise you’ll need to develop an exciting and fulfilling career in your chosen field.

  • Enjoy employed in a fast-paced environment
  • Type of service (e.g. business, program specific, data, etc)
  • Return On Ad Spend
  • A Big Data business program market is emerging
  • Keeping customers up to date

We provide choice of an individual major or double majors in economics, bank, finance, property, and property development and valuation under the Bachelor of Business. The prospects of our graduates are strengthened by our commitment to ensuring they meet up with the requirements of part or full recognition by a variety of professional groups. At the School of Management, our undergraduate classes are made to equip you with the skills and knowledge required for a wide variety of managerial functions.

During your course, you’ll cover topics such as leadership concepts, people and organisational management, budgeting, change management, creativity, and more. Our wide selection of majors and double majors are designed to offer you a broad knowledge of management principles, while allowing specialisation in a particular area or industry of expertise.

The applied and useful character of our courses, combined with our strong industry links, means you’ll be career-ready upon graduation. THE INSTITUTION of Marketing offers four different undergraduate study areas within the Bachelor of Business: advertising, marketing, public relations, and hospitality and tourism. We are one of the few marketing schools to provide majors in advertising and pr as part of a firmly business-focused degree. We work closely with leading professional body such as the Australian Marketing Institute and The Communications Council to ensure our courses are in line with industry advancements and our students graduate career-ready. Our marketing major is available fully online.