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Paula’s Blog :)

Yup, it is stated by the title all. So please don’t read this if you are hungry hahaha! I am on a food spree. 100 for 2 pax. I swear both of us were damn shocked but what on earth la. Met up with an ex-colleague to have ban mian at City Plaza but its specifications had dropped significantly. Didn’t feel quite ‘shuang’ about this meal therefore I suggested going to Jalan Besar for dessert haha (despite her efforts at stating she wished to drink bubble tea).

Ended up as of this quaint little cafe and I appreciated the truffle pie greatly! So, do she which was why she finished up ‘ta-bao’ -and 2 of them homes. Random yong tau foo shot along the Siglap area. 9.30/pay for all that food here and 3 bowl of noodles. Last Saturday my friend and I met up to have brunch before going to a blog shop warehouse sale in the Sin Ming area. Totally impromptu plan because I had been just telling the to before going to bed that I needed to sleep in till 12pm the next day. Then her WhatsApp message emerged like 2 mins later on.

Anyhow, went to GRUB because I’ve been meaning to try this place for a long time but without a car it’s quite inconvenient to make it happen. Here’s my portion of french toast which is soooooooooooo fluffehhhhh! My friend purchased the Grub Breakfast set that was included with a drink. She said it was nice quiet. We also ordered churros!

  • Life is not measured by the amount of breaths…
  • Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream – for many skin types with SPF 20 – 00 Fair rose
  • 1 tablespoon base oil
  • 2 years back from NY City
  • I’m not good enough because I didn’t win
  • 720p HD Wonder Park
  • Dioctyl succinate
  • Begin by cleansing your skin

We had steamboat in the office the next day for lunch. Tee hee, I quite like my this bunch of colleagues. Finally visited find time to utilize my voucher from Salon Vim at the 313@Somerset outlet. Went along with the bf because he wished to get a haircut too hahaha.

The explosion of white locks appearing on my mind throughout my stay static in Europe and China was so horrifying. I have no idea what happened but it got quite beyond control that I simply really wished to color them all away. I’m quite pleased with the new color, even though nobody has pointed out anything yet. It’s obviously not a very shiny and attention-seeking color but I still like the refined color which certainly protected all my white hair la. Felt like I was betraying my normal hairstylist when I was there but bo bian, got free voucher why don’t want to use right? Lol. I’ll probably get back to him to get some locks treatment done soon.

TNS Recovery Complex is merely the growth factors but if you’re saving cash just order this one. Sunscreens – look for 5-15% zinc or titanium or 3% Mexoryl. Better yet, layer your sunscreens for extra protection. The ZinClear SPF 30 by Dermaquest is also nice. Sunscreens – save the expensive stuff for your face, neck, backs, and chest of hands.

Use the cheaper drugstore stuff on the body and put the ColoreScience Powder over the risky areas or hide – even better – and don’t neglect your head wear! If the Vitamin C antioxidants irritate you, try the Replenix 90% Polyphenol/Green Tea Serum or Cream or the Dermaquest Alpha Lipoic/Vit C Serum – both less irritating. Are you experiencing sensitive skin? Find out more in Dr. Irwin’s article on Sensitive Skin – What IS IT POSSIBLE TO DO?

In What Order MUST I Use these Products- It’s So Confusing! If I’m 22- what would be the best skincare products for me? Which products am I using this Winter? How do I know if my products are right for me personally? How do I come up with an ideal product regimen?