Guest COLLECT Goodie Bag Who Attended 2

Guest COLLECT Goodie Bag Who Attended

Last Saturday we’d our End of Year “Women’s Business” Christmas Party. So, because of my dear friend Carol from Creatively Weddings & Events we choose the beautiful Sirromet- Cellar Door Section, and it was stunning. The create at Sirromet it is undoubtedly a beautiful place. This year Thank you also to Nat for helping on the day and for all your help. Guest collect goodie bag who attended.

I love doing up goodie bags as a present for the guest to collect at an Event. THEREFORE I thought I would put the decision out to any business that I’ve connected with via Facebook to see if they wanted to add something to it as a way to spread the term about their business. Well this bag finished being full to the bream with goodness, thanks to all the beautiful business that added to them. Also thank you Carol for all of your help with placing this together as well as for you wonderful Crackers these were the best ever!

Thanks to Jordon from Polkadot Prints on her behalf goodies plus also developing the little logo design for the function page for this. Also check out her blog post about these here. Thanks to new mummy Skye from Ruby Olive for supplying these beautiful assorted colored bracelets & for supplying a stunning necklace for a lucky table prize.Day catching up and getting together with new Brisbane women We had such an excellent. I understand in 2012 I believe I am organizing more events like these.

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