THE MAIN ELEMENT To Increased Customer Lifetime Value 2

THE MAIN ELEMENT To Increased Customer Lifetime Value

That is fifty percent of the fight. Month we discussed building trustworthiness and trust at the website Last, so that site visitors feel comfortable buying from you. That is half of the fight. The greater important part is increasing the lifetime value of every customer, that is, getting the one-time buyers to be repeat customers.

There are many factors that go into this: marketing; product quality; and the consumable nature of the merchandise or service you sell. However, if you have poor (or non-existent) customer service, you can just forget about repeat business. Since none of them folks is running a large company (I assume) and don’t have much of a budget—if any—for customer support, all the tips and resources in this specific article are either free or low-cost. Customer support for small businesses is typically provided via sweat equity.

1.The more ways you have to get hold of you the more assured the and repeat buyer will feel in returning to your site. We will look at many of these real ways in this specific article. There is absolutely no indicate having many methods of contacting you (e.g., email, chat, voice-mail), and then neglect to respond regularly.

It will just turn people off. Easier to have less contact methods and be diligent in giving an answer to issues or requests. Obvious solutions to this are FAQs and email updates. 4.Ask customers how you’re doing. Get reviews about your customer service from those who utilize it. Are the FAQs extensive? How hard was it to get in touch? Did you get your problem solved?

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This will enable one to improve your service. You might have to provide a freebie to get people to respond. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss the common low-cost methods of customer service that people can use. Yes, this is obvious, and is a minimum necessity for each website.

I have all email to this address forwarded to my MS Outlook mailbox and I take advantage of filters to color it red. This real way I can take a quick look and see if anyone is requesting help. Some people like to use FAX, especially if they don’t want to send messages off their work email.

You don’t need to possess a FAX machine; you can get free FAX receive service that goes to your email straight. You will have to pay if you want to send faxes. In the old days it was called a bulletin board system (BBS), they are user-community forums or groupings now. This is a great way to provide support, mostly because if you can get enough people to use it, your customers shall help one another out! People will request answers to issues that others may have previously had, and they can respond with the answer.