World Investment Report 2019 2

World Investment Report 2019

Global moves of foreign direct investment dropped by 23 % in 2017. Cross-border investment in developed and changeover economies slipped sharply, while development was near zero in developing economies. With only a very modest recovery predicted for 2018, this negative pattern is a long-term concern for policymakers worldwide, especially for developing countries, where international investment is indispensable for sustainable industrial development.

This troubling global investment picture underscores the need for a conducive global investment environment, characterized by open, transparent, and non-discriminatory investment procedures. The theme chapter of the report demonstrates over 100 countries have adopted industrial development strategies lately. New types of commercial policies have emerged, responding to the opportunities and challenges associated with a new industrial revolution. The report presents options for investment policy tools in this new environment.

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  • The greater the dispersion of possible comes back, the riskier is the investment
  • Capital Goods Industries :-
  • Global liabilities of the Company & its sister concerns

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