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Orange Lily Hair & Body Studio

If you are looking for a beauty salon in Fort McMurray, Orange Lily Hair & Body Studio is the right choice for you. Our trained hairstylists and aestheticians are experienced as it pertains to all the beauty trends and the majority of the innovative techniques. We specialize in locks coloring, tape-in extensions, lash extensions, and make-up. Some of the brands we carry are Bumble Bumble, Alterna, Surface, and more.

The products from Bumble & Bumble are exclusive to us in Fort McMurray. Visit our Fort McMurray salon to get one of these totally new look or just freshen up your current style. Get beauty services at a nice, fun, and warm atmosphere at Orange Lily Hair & Body Studio. Our team contains experienced and skilled artists and they’re given an education so that they are always current on the latest trends in the beauty industry. We provide services to folks of all age groups including babies getting their first haircut. With over 10 years in the continuing business, the solution is had by us to meet all your aesthetic needs.

Our owner, Tammy Stoyles, opened up the salon in 2009 2009. Her objective is to market a great and passion-filled environment for you; always stimulating one to be the very best that you will be. We’ve also added to the community through the years and donated products and services for community fundraisers and auctions. Orange Lily Hair & Body Studio have matched up with the Salvation Army and cut locks for the homeless as well as put on promotions so we could donate to the food bank. We’ve helped to sell chocolates for most different companies and also used a senior and a family in crisis to assist with things they could need. Our specialists are talented, creative, and updating their knowledge with all new hairstyles always. When you check us out you can feel the fantastic vibe we have here. We are a grouped family!

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It’s so damn real, and creepy but VERY FUN! Met this snake woman while walking to main street USA back! There was this huge crowd along the streets, so we joined in and realized there is certainly this Halloween parade going on! Damn, the parade was magnificent. But it isn’t AS SPECTACULAR AS THE FIREWORKS SHOW AT THE SLEEPING BEAUTY’S CASTLE! Didn’t take any pictures but I required a video on my dad’s phone! Next Hong Kong post will be the Ocean recreation area! I’LL BE BACK SOON HEHE. LOVE YOU ALL AND THANKS FOR READING!

I wanted to write a post today on some handy idea for storage space in unfilled candle jars. Most of my bare candle jars are from Body, and Shower Works, but I’ve a few from Yankee Candle. I didn’t decorate the jars, because of this post I held the jars ordinary, but later in the post I’ll show examples of how I decorated the jars with Mod Podge and Glitter along with my DIY link.

These Yankee Candle vacant candle jars make great candy jars! This is a good idea for crafters! Crochet hooks and tapestry needles fit perfectly in this jar! I’m unsure if knitting needles will fit with the very best on. If the fine needles don’t fit, you could leave the very best off always! Buying way to store you EOS lipbalms, Lipstick Eggs, and Macarons? As you can see everything inside matches so neatly! This also looks cute on the vanity in your makeup collection! I shared my DIY tutorial about how to make these glitter makeup brush holders etc. last year. Here, the link to my DIY Glitter Makeup Brush Holders.

The month of May brings blossoms, Mother’s Day, and at Spa 131, it always brings “May-ssage” and, No, you do not have to ask Mother’s permission. May also tends to bring a lot of aches and aches because most of us want to get outside and dig, plant, paint, spruce-up and get more bodily, active with outdoor activities. In the end that, you might need to get some help with those pains and pains.

Our Licensed Massage Therapists can help – a LOT. Sometimes when you overdo it, you might even need the help of your preferred Dr. of Chiropractic. Unless you currently have a romantic relationship with one, we’d be happy to suggest a great Chiropractic group. Do you realize, though, how and just why Chiropractic & Massage work so well jointly?

Chiropractors “adjust” or change misaligned bones and bones to eliminate, stress, especially nerve stress. Massage Therapist work to remove/eliminate muscle stress. Muscles attach to the bones and bones that influence alignment integrity. That is WHY we work so well TOGETHER. It is our belief that offering our clients the choice to make use of both therapies simultaneously allows a synergetic impact providing a more speedy recovery. Structural modification occurs more and with less soreness easily.