HOW EXACTLY TO Use Chromecast On Projectors,TVs, IPads & Laptops 2

HOW EXACTLY TO Use Chromecast On Projectors,TVs, IPads & Laptops

When one thinks of the Chromecast device, the very first thing that comes to mind is the ability to cast YouTube and Netflix content from your mobile device to your tv collection. While this is the most common use for Chromecast, there are a great many other uses of the device which can be an indication of its versatility.

One use that few folks have considered is using these devices for business presentations. If you use the Chrome internet browser, you can certainly cast whatever content is about the same tab to the television set. This can be documents, PowerPoint slides, or even a webpage that you would like to provide to your colleagues at work. Obviously, you shall need the device itself, which connects to the HDMI port of your television set. Projector which has a USB port.

Once the hardware is set up, it’s time to set-up the program part of the installation. There are two ways establishing the device: through the Chrome browser or by using an Android application. If you are establishing from a Chrome browser, you’ll need to set up the free Google solid that’s available online. For Android, the Chromecast application is available from the easy to navigate and use Google Play store.

After powering the devices, you will proceed through a few easy steps to complete the set-up and start your display. Firstly, the device has to be determined with a pass-code after selecting it on-screen. From then on, you will decide on a Wi-Fi network and finally, you give it a distinctive name that will make it easily identifiable in the future.

The device is a convenient way of streaming videos, music, and photos to a TV through computers or mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Using Chromecast device from your tablet – if you want to broadcast content from your tablet device, all you need to do is to visit the Google cast icon on the device and click on it.

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Immediately, this content on your tablet will appear on the TV set as long as the Chromecast dongle is installed and properly set-up. Using Chromecast device from your computer – whichever operating system you are employing, be it Mac, Windows, Linux, or any other OS, using Chromecast with a PC or laptop is quite straight-forward.

Just choose the broadcast icon that is displayed on this content you want to transmit and it will appear on it display screen. The Google I/O programmers’ conference saw a number of new features released in how the Chromecast device can be used. Being among the most thrilling new features to the Chromecast device is the power for other users to cast to the TV screen without having to log into your Wi-Fi connection.