A 5 Min Summary Of Build 2019 Keynote, With Timestamped Links To The Original Video 2

A 5 Min Summary Of Build 2019 Keynote, With Timestamped Links To The Original Video

Microsoft is launching an open source task called ElectionGuard that aims at modernizing elections and making them more secure and transparent. 54 data locations round the world, including also South Africa now. 95% of the Fortune 500 companies already use Azure. Mention at (10:05) of Wallgreens working with startups that induce cooler screens to revolutionize the retail experience.

Mention at (10:34) of AB InBev using IoT, Cognitive, and AI Services. Mention at (10:55) of St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital and DNAnexus working on a research cloud for the fight against cancer. Mention at (11:26) of J.P. Morgan using the Azure Blockchain services. Mention at (11:47) of AT&T using Azure IoT services for drones. Blockchain services to monitor in an immutable way all the steps that their coffee undergoes. Azure AI: Azure Cognitive Services includes Vision, Speech, Search, Language, Translations, Decision etc. You can put these services into a box and use them on advantage devices.

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Azure Speech Service demo about discussion transcription: the service accumulates and transcribes what three people say, using a laptop or mobile phones and no dedicated hardware just. 27:18) Bot Framework: 3,000 bots or conversational applications are created every week. It’s for example utilized by BMW, Coca Jet, and Cola. Mixed Reality Services: the Unreal engine for games and its own streaming support, together with Azure and HoloLens 2, allows to create immersive encounters completely.

Paccar is using Mixed Reality for training applications, Philips is using it for surgery applications, Ptc is using it for industrial design. Autonomous Systems: it’s the combination of teaching machines and the use of simulation tools. Shell uses machine support and teaching-learning services for the accuracy drilling, Schneider Electric manages the temperatures of rooms sensing the sociable people in space, and more. Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Platform: Dynamics has been rewritten to be an Azure native cloud app, using Azure CosmosDB and databases, and is dependant on microservices structures. They have AI built-in, and it is extensible although charged power System.

Many ISVs are also building together with it. They can embed the Power Platform’s workflow engine, PowerApps’ forms engine, and PowerBI’s analytics engine into their own apps. Types of companies using these, such as ADVVV, Annata, Adobe, and Indegene. Open Data initiative: it allows to mix together the data of multiple systems, then keeping it in silos rather. It’s about using the data of an operational system to enhance the output of another one.

Mention of how Unilever is using it. Microsoft 365: as people move across the various Office, Edge, Teams, and the other Microsoft apps, a wealthy database of data is created, which is Microsoft Graph. This describes the relationships of people with other people or applications, their schedules, tasks etc. Microsoft Search and Cortana is built on top of the Graph data. Slide at (42:21) with a summary of new services and updates. ‘s difficult to have truly cross-domain assistants, and most we need a multi-agent world importantly, where you can move in one assistant to another in an open up way.