Remove Comandancia General De Policia (User Guide) 2

Remove Comandancia General De Policia (User Guide)

The Comandancia General de Policia can be determined as a harmful system risk owned by the category of dangerous ransomware. This ransomware has been specifically created for the chief purpose to infect unsuspecting users PC in Ecuador. Once the ransomware gets into Windows computer it shows a bogus notification to users notifying users that the user has been found to perform some illegal task on the Internet and for that reason penalized. It locks the attacked user’s machine and then ask users to pay a fine of 100 Euro for the wrong work done.

In the fake alert message the Comandancia General de Policia also frightens users that if the consumer does not pay the ransom demanded then the system will never be unlocked. Furthermore the Comandancia General de Policia ransomware opens the backdoor security of a compromised computer system to allow several other Trojans and Keyloggers to invade into the PC and cause more destruction.

To stop all such harmful happenings and remove Comandancia General de Policia ransomware from PC users are recommended to take some quick measures. During the internet browsing when you open any malicious website which consists of various malicious real estate agents that enters into your personal computer and effects. When you open a web link, emails, connection etc. which is delivered from a trusted source. Someone else’s USB drives plugging into your computer which provides the malicious files, folder, software etc. spreads Comandancia General de Policia spyware into your computer.

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During the internet browsing many types of pop-ups appear that have many types of harmful sites and program. It tells you to follow the contaminated connect to remove pathogen from your personal computer but actually itself a disease. Downloading movie, programs, games etc from the internet might consist of Comandancia General de Policia spyware.

Installation of unknown application on your home windows PC. This program is actually types of Comandancia General de Policia spy ware. So don’t install any malicious program in your computer. To keep your computer secure and safe in the future, it is so important to follow certain steps that make your windows pc clear of Comandancia General de Policia related attacks.

Don’t open up the emails and select any hyperlink which is sent from an unknown source because after simply clicking this link some harmful sites will open that contains a computer virus. Run an up to date antivirus program- Regularly revise the threat meanings and run a full system scan to eliminate Comandancia General de Policia and related dangers from your personal computer. Turn on firewall: it does increase the security of your personal computer on the internet. It controls the internet connections and prevents from virus attack and blocks unauthorized networks.

Operating system upgrade : install the improvements which is shipped by the home windows update services. Click on “windows upgrade” to select update from suggested ranges of improvements by the Microsoft. These revise makes one’s body better. Don’t download any program or programs which are not trusted. When you connect any pen drive or any external drive to the computer, before the use must check it.

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