Property Income Manual

Usually accommodations business ceases when the last let property is removed or starts to be used for a few other purpose. If letting ceases and later re-commences, it is a question of fact whether there is a new business or a resumption of the old one. The procedures for coping with post-cessation receipts and expenses for deals also connect with local rental businesses. Under certain circumstance when the property business of a company ceases a claim can be produced to create any losses against future investment profits.

Further details can be purchased in PIM4238. Whether a rental business has ceased for tax purposes is a question of truth. In which a rental business consists of letting property it will normally cease when the customer disposes of the last of the properties these are renting out or, alternatively, they begin to use all the properties for a non-business purpose. For a rental business to stop the customer must end all activities giving rise to receipts from land and property. Temporary pause or long-term cessation?

Rental business activities may stop and, after an interval, the customer may begin again. Here it’s important to decide if the original business really continued after a period of dormancy, or whether it permanently ceased and the new activities amount to a new rental business. For instance, if the rental business consists of letting an individual property, you won’t normally cease just because the tenant quits and the property is empty as the customer is looking for a new tenant.

A general rule of thumb for rental businesses is that the old business stops where there is an interval of more than three years and various properties are let in the customer’s old and new activities. You can expect this for guidance only. Used, we won’t normally claim that the old business ended where the distance is less than 3 years and the client was trying to keep. But the customer would have to provide convincing evidence to show that the same business was continued where the gap is 3 years or even more.

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Whether accommodations business has ceased might not always matter because receipts or expenditures arising after cessation may be taxed or relieved anyway under special guidelines (PIM3000). But a cessation is important where the old activity acquired unrelieved losses because especially, as PIM4210 and PIM4236 clarify, the loss can only be carried forward and established against future profits of the same business. Therefore, where one rental business ceases and a new rental business starts at a later time, losses from the first business can’t be set against profits of the second.

There are special guidelines for receipts and costs after cessation, see PIM3000. The main point here is that post-cessation expenses can only just be relieved for up to seven years after cessation, while there is no limit on holding forwards, local rental business deductions for a business that truly proceeds. When letting ceases for an interval and resumes later, it is a question of fact whether the original business has resumed or there’s been a cessation followed by a fresh business commencing.