12 Months Average Is The 5 .7% 2

12 Months Average Is The 5 .7%

I am reviewing this stock (NYSE-MDT) as I am looking for a US stock for my US currency account. Currently I have Barclays Bank or investment company in this account. Barclays is also not successful currently, and I do not see this changing any time in the future. Also, as I already have too much in the Financial Services sector, and I want to reposition my portfolio. What better time to do this than when the market is low.

Prices on the market are always comparative. If in a minimal market I sell shares low, I also buy stocks and shares low. Selling a stock at a relatively good deal also lowers capital gain taxes. So, from my point of view, the right time for you to reposition a collection is when the marketplace is low.

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I also will sell when I find something I love better than what I acquired now. In looking at possible stocks to invest in, I did a spreadsheet with this stock. However, overlooking the spreadsheet after it was completed by me, I decided that is not just a stock for me.

First, I should talk about what is good concerning this stock. This stock has a great growth in revenue, profits, dividends, cash flow, and book value during the last 5 and 10 years. I love stock with good dividend development and this stock always during the last 5 years has already established dividend development of almost 15% per yr. This is not completely that bad a figure, but it is not a great number either.

Of course, being truly a Canadian, I will have made even less overall because of the currency exchange rates during the last 5 and a decade. Another positive of this stock is both liquidity and the Asset/Liability are very proficient at around 2.08. These ratios indicate a strong Balance Sheet.

The Return on Equity is also very good at 22%. The negatives I see for this company is the high Accrual Ratio, which at 6.9% is high than I would like and the low stock price development. I, of course, also don’t like the low yield as I have said earlier. The management of this company obviously feels the company is within good form as they elevated the dividend some 50% for 2009. However, what I do not like about the dividend is the low yield.

The 5-year average is .7%, but it is this high because the stock price has stalled over the last 5 years. When dividends produces are so low, I wonder if I am really investing or really speculating. In normal times, it could seem that stock gives a dividend yield around ½ of 1%. This might mean that to earn decent money on this stock, you are relying mainly on stock gratitude really.