NHS Managers Exposed 2

NHS Managers Exposed

Not according with their latest performance review of the NMC’s Fitness to apply outcomes at the beginning of June this year. It makes for an amazing absence of audio or understanding judgment. It is another part of the harmful and faltering system Instead. Astonishingly the report figured the NMC met all except one of its standards, namely that bereaved families in the Morecombe Bay inquiry had their concerns ignored, and was not treated with respect nor kept informed of progress.

But wait one minute, nor do registrants get treated with respect, nor are they held up to date of the improvement of their interminable situations. All part of the putting on down process that means it is so difficult for registrants to guard themselves. And shockingly Moreover, the fact that 1170 registrants’ instances had not been concluded for over a year, that 294 registrants were still waiting after 24 months and 71 were still waiting around after 3 years was ok? I estimate ‘There is a significant decrease in the number of instances over 52 weeks held by the NMC, from 1, year to at least one 1 437 last, 170 this year.

Can nobody in the Department of Health see these glaring failures of judgment? There is currently significant help from a closed Facebook support and information group called NMC Watch: registrant care (previously The situation against the NMC) founded by Cathryn Watters. But it seems the PSA is not interested or simply doesn’t have understanding into the awful harm caused. It should be known that people who have been through a disciplinary process with their organization already, are in an unhealthy state of physical and mental health now.

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Finances are probably in dire straits too, not to mention other areas of their lives. The idea of fighting because of their sign up sends their stress and anxiety levels ever higher now. Due to the complex legalities across the proceedings, registrants find it hard to understand the process. There is much more in the PSA report that implies how poor the FtP process and outcomes are. The PSA is immersed in their processes and just can’t observe how the processes and legalities are failing staff most cruelly.

Are the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Fit to practice? Am I incorrect in declaring that the NMC is unfit to Practice? Staff who have been through the FtP process know it is certainly not fit to apply for many reasons. Amount of time taken can be an obvious one, keeping in mind that lots of of the interpersonal people should not have been disciplined or have known in the first place. Another reason is the true way people are considered guilty unless they have good evidence showing they are not.

Very often, the supervisor’s term is thought against the registrant’s just because they are the supervisor. There are the lost papers Then, papers sent to the wrong address, too little any communication and updating, and problems speaking with case workers. One midwife tells how she and her team waited for 3 hours before they discovered that the NMC court had finished for the day and eliminated home but acquired forgotten to inform them. Unbelievable but symptomatic of the disregard they have for the ‘accused’. Will these injustices and the hurting triggered ever end? At the present moment, with the PSA mostly blind to the failings of the NMC, sadly and realistically, I doubt it.