Maintain Weight Loss 2

Maintain Weight Loss

You spend a lot of time focusing on slimming down and getting healthy. And you’re there or almost there once, you discover a new challenge occurs: How to maintain weight reduction. Maintenance can be break-it or make-it time for many people. “Sometimes, after completing a weight loss program, people can return to old habits, and leave their ‘healthy option and portion control’ mindset behind,” says Chelsea Lovell, Nutrisystem dietary counselor. And better still news: With Nutrisystem you didn’t lose it by itself so you don’t have to maintain weight loss only, either. Using the new Nutrisystem Success program, you’ll steadily transition from Nutrisystem meals to flex snacks and meals you prepare for yourself.

To make it a breeze, you’ll receive a group of color-coded, portion controlled containers that are designed to “take a complete lot of the thought process out of maintenance,” says Lovell. There’s no weighing and measuring: Each box will give you a perfect portion of fruit, starchy and non-starchy vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes, meat and meat substitutes.

They’ll help you make clean, healthy foods by yourself. Plus, you’ll continue steadily to receive your preferred Nutrisystem foods in whatever quantity you’re comfortable with. “Sometimes it is easy to ignore, and let portions get out of control. But these storage containers help to keep everything consistent, and your body on track,” says Lovell.

Staying on track will also take some personal effort. To those five tips, Lovell added six more that have helped Nutrisystem clients stay the course. 1. Eat consistently throughout the day so you don’t get hungry and overdo it or binge. 2. Understand that vegetables are your friend. You can munch on them between meals and utilize them to add more bulk to meals.

3. Make workouts a regular part of your program. Day planner Mark them on your calendar or. Better still: Add these to your cellphone calendar and setup alerts so you can’t forget. 4. Avoid menu boredom by finding healthier versions of your favorite foods (even burgers and pizza can have a healthy makeover) and ways to spice up-literally-your foods. “If you are not enjoying what you are eating, it could be very difficult to stick with it,” she says. 5. Carry around a large drinking water bottle with you to ensure you’re getting enough.

Remember, it’s easy to blunder thirst for craving for food since we get a lot of our liquid from the meals we eat. 6. Use those containers! It makes food prepping seamless so you can have a prepared meal on the table usually in 20 minutes or less. Prepared to try Success? We’ve got you covered! If you’re a Nutrisystem customer prepared to take the next step, click here. Not a current customer, but want a simple way to keep up your bodyweight?

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