Business Management Lesson 2

Business Management Lesson

Environment is the sum of various external and some internal forces that influence the functioning of business. Environment factors or constraint are generally if not totally, external and beyond the control of individual industrial businesses and their managements. 2. To acquire necessary inputs for proper decision making. Micro-environment relates to a small area or immediate periphery of the organization. It affects the company regularly and straight.

The Chinese federal government is growing exceedingly impatient about the united states Treasury continually monetizing the debt (which is only possible by paper money) and the private Federal Reserve which are really the only significant buyer of that monetized debt. Russia and China have agreed to trade oil denominated in Yuan, bypassing the united states buck totally! We’ve seen this before when Saddam threatened to deal in Euros only.

We know very well what occurred to him (and he was a known CIA asset). Sorry for the long postscript. I’d here prefer to interject. But first, many thanks for initiating this rich dialogue. I truly believe we are fulfilling the prophecies of Isaiah regarding the folks of Sinim as well as Daniel’s prophecy in Daniel 12:4 where many will run to and fro, and knowledge will be increased. Speaking of that latter prophecy, our modern state of knowledge was achieved in under 400 years, yea, significantly less than 100 years. In 1900 we were on equine and carriage, radio was unusual, the idea of a worldwide communication system had not been even named an “unknown”.

It was beyond human comprehension. And yet less than 100 years later it is as common as pig paths in a barn lawn. If you analyze some ancient technology, you’ll discover the amazing facts that people used to activate in nuclear battle in pre-flood times. We had plastics, batteries, razors, shoes, purses, and handbags, all those cave paintings were highly detailed (not that I’m accusing you to be in the camp of evolutionary beliefs).

The point I’m looking to make is, it doesn’t take miss even man to launch himself to outer space. We used to have space travel! I’m sorry if that sounds incredible and I hope I’ve not lost reliability by saying these exact things! You must browse the Puzzle of Ancient Man, by Donald E. Chittick.

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  • Time in business
  • Thinking any legal problems can be resolved later
  • I don’t know or ask again later
  • Paul B Hall Regional Medical Center (KY)
  • What is the test data
  • Local advocacy services

I believe you will be pleasantly surprised, to state the least. When considering the ancient technology, please consider them being conscious of the written book of Ecclesiastes, “there is nothing at all new under the sun”. PS – So far as the time and the hour of the Master’s return and the sharing and looking after everyone, I kindly advise all my friends (especially Jehovah’s Witnesses) not to worry about that event. It comes like a thief in the night. You are either ready or not. What we must worry about is the here and today.

Yeshua said that not a jot or a tittle of regulations shall be wiped away, and that includes the statutes on the use of unjust weights and amounts. Today, our global financial systems are powered by worthless paper representing guarantees to pay (by means of real stuff like silver and gold, lumber, wheat, corn, beans, honey and essential oil) – this paper is the epitome of unjust weights and balances!