[Routine Help] Redness(rosacea), Chronic Acne, And Overall Skin Concerns Help 2

[Routine Help] Redness(rosacea), Chronic Acne, And Overall Skin Concerns Help

Looong time lurker, first-time poster. The reason I am publishing today is because I have reached kind of the plateau in my epidermis progress, and am also debating taking place Accutane for another time! I’ll reach that later. I’ve got chronic acne, cosmetic redness, oily epidermis, etc, for the past 10 roughly years. As an instant background, I’ve been to multiple dermatologists over the past couple of years.

Additionally, about a year back SIGNIFICANTLY improved the my general acne switching delivery settings, with less breakouts and overall congestion. I think a fair amount of my flairups are hormonal, but I am still sometimes affected. I’m doing nothing and wearing no makeup! This is probably my main concern right now, because I’ll awaken with easy and hydrated pores and skin quite, in the evening my cheeks however, forehead, and chin will be bumpy with blocked pores sometimes! I’ve no idea preventing this literally, and think this is actually the biggest issue I have.

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I wear or apply, my face will feel dry/tight somewhat, but will still look extremely (so, very, extremely) oily. I also don’t know how to repair this. I see a lot on here in regards to a damaged moisture hurdle but have no idea if this pertains to me. As I before mentioned, I’ve been significantly considering happening Accutane for another time to help with the oiliness and pose clogging, but I am scared that after I set off again the symptoms should come right back. I am sorry for the longer-than-intended post, but I’ve always wished to ask for advice on here. Any help, suggestions, questions, anecdotes, etc, will be much valued!

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