Best Of Iris 2

Best Of Iris

A few months back, I finally realize that though I was caring for my skin even, I had not been paying attention to one of the most delicate epidermis around my attention. I am only 23 years old but I have heard that it is always better to begin caring for your skin early on.

I don’t have visible lines and wrinkles and fine lines therefore I can’t give you meaningful feedback on the region. But my eyes do get puffy from time to time and I have problems with dark circles, especially after an all-nighter or those long times in front of a computer display. I’ve only used two other vision creams before and they both got a cream-like structure.

This one seems lighter and it offers a very nice cooling effect when you apply on your skin. It leaves a damp finish off and it is simple to apply. The best part is, it nourishes the skin so well. The next morning I could feel and see the difference. Especially, during the winter time, this is amazing. They have a slight yellow color which helps to aesthetically brighten the under-attention area. While I like that fact it comes with a pump, it isn’t the best at dispensing the merchandise. Sometimes the pump gets air in it and the product squirts out randomly all around the accepted place.

You need to be careful never to press it too hard. Learning is acquired because of it curve, so you exert the right amount of power when you press the pump. It generally does not absorb into the skin as fast as I would hope, but thankfully, it has not interfered with my skin care routine.

  1. 2-3 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar (if your skin is extremely sensitive, use water)
  2. Design menu boards (come in the form of photos, banners, booklets, word lists, etc)
  3. 100 ml of rosewater
  4. Apply after using your 3-Step Skin Care System
  5. DIY Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

So far, I have not experience any tightening up of your skin but I must remember that I have only been using it for two days. I will have to complete the bottle to see real results. It reduces the puffiness but it is not a miracle worker, but as I said just, I must wait and see for just a little longer. Since I used to for the first time, I observed that it was a very unique product and formulation which I enjoyed using.

I like the consistency and its moisturizing properties. Also, I love the chilling and comforting feeling. It’s very refreshing. I used to be very impressed with this optical eyesight cream and I’ll continue to use it. I am going to updated this review if I experience any change. FTC – I received a discount because of this product in exchanged for my impartial and honest review.