Healthcare Marketing Matters 2

Healthcare Marketing Matters

Patients and health care consumers alike would like information on great results and experience. That’s right. Great encounters and outcomes. Not ordinary outcomes or experiences. Telling the healthcare consumer that you provide compassionate care and high-quality health care, is falling on deaf ears. Especially, when the experience doesn’t even come near to the state.

And even as we get deeper into the Affordable Care Act with risk and value -structured payment models, experience will play a deciding role in failing or success. Healthcare consumers will bypass those healthcare and hospitals providers which have less than great outcomes or experiences. Same for insurance policies, doctors, and others.

When the average person has some skin in the overall game, i.e., high out-of-pocket deductibles, and expenses, their experience issues. I am not stating that is fair, or right. It really is a reality of a changing marketplace. When healthcare professionals are surveyed, the majority say that customer/patient experience management is a critical business success factor along with patient security and cost reduction.

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But at exactly the same time, the majority of healthcare CEOs, acknowledge that they really do not know where to begin on successfully managing the experience. And it is just not private hospitals. Insurance firms, specialty pharmacies, PBMs, home others, and health, that are exceptional same challenges in managing patient, member, or consumer experience. I know leadership is considering the increasing role of satisfaction scores in the CMS value purchasing programs plus they aftereffect of HCAHPS on revenue.

It has a direct financial outcome. Do well and get additional revenue, fail and you’ll be cost because of it. Insurance companies will follow the Federal government and move to more value purchasing arrangements as well. Financial whammy approach that requires new ways of doing business for the doctor. News ways of marketing and interacting to patients and healthcare consumers. Change and you may prosper.

Refuse and discover financial difficulties triggered by market talk about losses. Experience management is about changing the real way you interact with the individual or family from start to finish. Not just at isolated points along the care continuum Managing the knowledge requires a complete knowledge of what the patient’s expectations are, not yours. Experience Management is and organizationally unpleasant culturally.

And that is because it’s not about you any longer. If you are not in immediate discussion with your patients or healthcare consumers, you shall never obtain it right. The rate of change in health care has accelerated beyond the real point of no return. Healthcare providers no have the time to engage in endless internal dialogue longer, and paralysis by analysis-planning loops, before continuing.

Individuals expect one to caution. Individuals expect one to have high-quality outcomes. The only path you can differentiate is through maintaining and creating that exceptional experience. And that only comes through active management of the knowledge process. If you want to be successful you have to learn to manage the complete experience process, not just one piece of it. Until you do this, you can’t obtain it right. Michael Krivich can be an internationally followed healthcare marketing blogger with over 4,000 monthly pages views in over 52 countries worldwide.

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