A Work Of Art 2

A Work Of Art

Can an outboard engine be considered a masterpiece of design? They say that beauty is in the attention of the beholder, and the same can be said for artwork. I am not recommending that every outboard engine is a work of art but I have a few good examples that Personally I think meet the definition of art. Art is something produced with the grade of beauty, is interesting, and is more than common. My considered ‘The Outboard Motor – A Work of Art’ came to me while I was researching the pictures kept on my PC.

Initially all I could think about was the need to get these backed-up in the ‘cloud’ to safeguard against any loss if my PC died. I QUICKLY opened a folder with pictures I needed to be taken throughout a visit to the Tallahassee Automobile and Collectibles Museum. I had been struck by the charm, the beauty, and the incredible designs of the antique outboard motors on display. Yes, I do feel these outboard motors are works of art.

I wish you can appreciate and revel in the few ‘works of art’ I’ve here. Please share your thoughts on these works of art and let me know if I have anything identified incorrectly. You can also help out if you understand the make and year of the final outboard motor pictured, I did not fully capture the information and I am uncertain of the make and model.

I feel the Tallahassee Automobile and Collectibles Museum are not really much a museum but a collector’s heaven. If you collect anything, just for the real joy of collecting, you can realize why DeVoe Moore has set up this eclectic assortment of items. You get the sense of his pleasure of collecting as you walk the isles of his museum.

I would like to give thanks to DeVoe Moore for this love of collecting and his determination to talk about his love with the general public. There are over 20 categories of collectibles at the Tallahassee Automobile and Collectibles Museum. Almost everyone will get their notion of a ‘work of art’ to admire and enjoy. Today and makes a full line of outboard marine motors The Evinrude Company continues to be in business. This is the successor of the initial company founded by Ole Evinrude. I really like the name of their early outboard motor, the Evinrude detachable rowboat motor.

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A perfect explanation of the function and meant to use but not a name that would see currently. I am sure today’s marketing departments would be up-in-arms over such a limiting phrase to spell it out a product. Evinrude also produced an installed rowboat motor, I am certain it was to check their detachable outboard motor. It was designed to install in underneath of a sail boat, with the engine attached to a plate inside the fishing boat and the apparatus container installed underneath. I really believe this can be an Evinrude Elto.

It seems Ole Evinrude eventually remaining the first Evinrude Company and started the ELTO Company but a re-use of the Elto name would cause some confusion. Any information would be appreciated. The Indian Motocycle Production Company built outboard motors also. The initial company went bankrupt in 1953 but has been reborn in a modern company.